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Tesoro Design is a full service web design firm based in San Diego, California, that provides custom web design services and solutions to businesses across the globe. Our services offer tremendous personal attention to each our of clients, regardless of how large or small the project.

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5 Questions That Make A Successful Website

1. What is the goal of your new website?
Are you selling something? Are you letting the world know about your business? Your hobby? Are you offering your clients a tool that makes their job easier? Their lives easier?

2. What can we do for you?
Do you need web design only or do you want me to develop your site as well? Do you need a domain name ( How about hosting your email? If you're selling things, do you need credit card transaction services? Do you need pictures taken?

3. What do you want your site to look like?
Come up with a list of websites you like the look of, as well as a few of their competitors websites. This way we can understand your overall market better, improve your site versus your competitor and make the look and feel fall in line with your taste.

4. What do you expect of your website?
This is where we work out which keywords you want to work hardest for you as well as some overall marketing goals. Do you want to focus on low cost methods such as search engine optimization and social networking or do you want to take it a step further with pay per click marketing, and other types of paid advertising.

5. Who maintains your site after it's done?
We are happy to maintain your site after its finished. We charge a small retainer fee that alocates a certain ammount of time per month for updates. Feel free to enquire about this service at anytime.

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